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Verified Purchase. The board for this is just cardboard glued inside the base of the box. The cup is set inside the board and cannot be removed.

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I think it was supposed to be glued in place in the hole, but mine was loose, so I used some clear tape to stick it to the board. This worked fine. The pieces are about the size of a quarter and a dime, so very small, and clear, so super easy to lose. Be careful with your flicking! Ended up having to use the box lid as a backboard of sorts to keep long shots from flying across the room.

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Only comes with a small piece of felt, so you have to pass it around for all the players. Also, "tiddledy"??? Fine for the price for sure, but just for playing around. I would not consider this a nice set for a serious gift or anything.

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  4. My grand-daughter and I have been playing with an old Tiddly-Winks Board Game we found in the attic for nearly a year. We made up the rules as those were long gone from the one we'd found. I'm happy to report that its nearly identical, AND, we were playing by the right rules. We haven't tossed the old one but we are very happy to have one at her house and one at mine. The manufacturer has done a nice job of maintaining the old time quality and feel of the original but the cardboard could be a bit more sturdy.

    We are always looking for games for our grandchildren to play that do not require batteries or electricity- this is a GREAT one. Fun for the whole family of almost any age, it takes no special skills to play. I love that the score board and cup are actually part of the box- less parts to have to pick up and less chance of damaging the board. Give it a try! You won't be disappointed. What was really intriguing about the book was the way that Orbanes who became part of Parker Brothers in after working for the Mousetrap people at Ideal Toy Company managed to weave these principles throughout first the company history surrounding George S.

    Parker, second, around the portion of the history surrounding his son-in-law, Robert Barton, and finally, throughout the era of corporate ownership. During this period, one of the pleasant surprises was the ongoing strength of Rook sales. I enjoyed how Rule 7 played into the Monopoly story probably the longest single section of the book, but understandable in terms of the importance of the franchise to the company and to the fact that Orbanes wrote an entire book around the history and playing of this iconic game. Monopoly and had an entire family, including his wife, Marge, his friend Jake the Jailbird, and his nephews, Randy, Sandy, and Andy Pennybags p.

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    The rising tide of increasing knowledge floats all boats. Indeed, one could argue that the entire philosophy of the patent process works against that. It was when General Mills shipped off all of the molding machines from Taunton, MA to a location in Mexico as a cost-cutting decision. And Orbanes introduces the reader to the kind of executives who reach positions of power and cause me to ask how they ever could do so.

    How many times have I run into this kind of executive in my years covering the game industry. This may well be one of the most valuable resources in my personal library. I am thrilled to have finally read it more than the bits and pieces used in other research and plan to give it a place of honor on my game shelf. Nov 07, Daniel rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction , history.

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    I have to admit that I find the history of toys and games quite fascinating, so a book would have to be terribly dry and dull to not catch my interest. Fortunately this was not dull. I'd read Orbanes' history of the game Monopoly which is fascinatingly comples and knew that his writing style would be very approachable. Somewhat surprisingly, the older history seems most thorough and complete, but the more modern history, when Orbanes served as a VP at Parker Brothers, seems slightly more thin I have to admit that I find the history of toys and games quite fascinating, so a book would have to be terribly dry and dull to not catch my interest.

    Somewhat surprisingly, the older history seems most thorough and complete, but the more modern history, when Orbanes served as a VP at Parker Brothers, seems slightly more thin in detail. Is this because he was too close to the subject? Or because many of the people are still alive In any case, the oldest history of the origins of Parker Brothers is most fascinating. What surprised me the most is how, what seemed like such a big name in game-making was really a pretty small-time, family-oriented company It was truly interesting to see how George Parker capitalized on ideas and times and managed to make things work; how his basic principles really were so effective; how such a small operation managed to achieved fantastic success.

    I'd really like to read about the origins of Milton Bradley and Hasbro now! Jan 22, Chris rated it really liked it. Quick, easy read. Interesting to learn about the early days of Parker Brothers.


    Mar 29, Jason rated it really liked it. Someone thoughtfully grabbed this for me a couple of birthdays ago, and I finally got it underway. The purchaser obviously knew of my interest in games, and that was enough. What he could not have known is in my ongoing fascination with the "business" of my childhood. Those four entities cover a lot of my childhood, and I can't get enough of them.


    Why did some succeeed, why did some fail? What were the missed opportunities? Who were the Someone thoughtfully grabbed this for me a couple of birthdays ago, and I finally got it underway.

    Who were the heroes and who were the villans? I don't know that I would care about this sort of minutia in other industries, but where my childhood is concerned, I eat it up with a spoon.

    The Rules of Tiddledy Winks from The Young Folk’s Cyclopædia of Games and Sports, 1890

    So, Philip Orbanes and Harvard Business Press have tapped a deep vein of personal interest with this book. Phil Orbanes knows of what he writes. He worked at Parker Brothers during the critical General Mills period. Additionally, he would go on to become President of Winning Moves games -- a company well known to the Eurogame crowd. Let me say at the outset, that the book is a fond look at Parker Brothers. Yet, its a tone that's hard to argue with. Orbanes does not avoid mentioning ther personal foibles of George Parker something of a stuffy dandy, it would seem , but taken as a whole, the company he built is truly amazing.

    Tiddledy Winks - Country Store

    The book is full of nuggets that I just did not know. I didn't realize that Pit was George Parker's first big hit, and the Theodore Roosevelt liked to play it. I didn't know that George Parker broke through a convention that games were to teach lessons and morality. Parker was really the first guy to try and bring the element of "simulation" to boardgaming. Then there are the accomplishments. Everyone knows that Parker Brothers brought Monopoly to the vast majority of Americans. But did you know they were also responsible for introducing America to Mahjong?

    What about Ping Pong?