Chaucer on the Nile: A Pilgrims Progress (The Baloney U Trilogy Book 1)

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After sacking her current chief academic officer and stacking the search committee that will pick his replacement, Bonnie is well into her game of gulling faculty fools and wielding administrative knaves when she discovers that Sam Foy, the chairman of the university's board of trustees, is plotting with a major donor to replace her with his own presidential candidate, Crystal Mcleod-an attractive and personable blind poet who has her own agenda for UBO.

Despite failing health, Bonnie struggles to preserve her 'dream succession', along with her own version of institutional integrity, culminating in a power struggle with Sam, and an attempted coup that roils the last board meeting of the school year and renders the spring graduation ceremony tragic-or hilarious-for most of its participants.

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Verified Purchase. Fascinating portrayal of college life, and especially of administrative shenanigans. The characters really come alive, it reads as a sequel Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg Ohio, set in a 21st century Ohio college town. The college portrayed resembles Marietta College in some ways, but also several other colleges I know about. Anyone who has spent time in a liberal arts college will really enjoy this book. May 28, - Published on Amazon.

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Bachalo illustrated the series through much of its first three years, taking a break in late and early to illustrate the second Death miniseries, Death: The Time of Your Life. Heavily influenced by Joe Madureira, Bachalo's characters became more cartoony and manga-like, with large eyes, heads and hands. He gravitated towards extremes in anatomy, drawing characters that were previously portrayed as bulky, short, or thin as even more so. In , Bachalo launched Steampunk, a comic book series inspired by the genre of fiction of the same name, which emulates early science fiction and in an alternate version of the early s.

The series was criticized for Bachalo's overly detailed pencils, small panels and muddy dark coloring, which sometimes made it difficult to discern what was happening. Similarly, Joe Kelly's writing was not as straightforward as a mass audience typically preferred. Contrarily, the book's supporters praised it for those same reasons, as well as for the sheer imagination of the characters and story. The series, intended to be 25 issues, ended prematurely after the second story arc in issue In an attempt to humanize Steve Rogers, the pair managed to split fans opinions fairly resoundingly with both leaving the title - Morales 10 issues short of his intended contract for the series.

He was often filled-in for by artist Humberto Ramos, however.

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Bachalo has also pencilled and coloured a number of cards for the Vs. These have been renditions of both Marvel and DC characters. On top of his continuing work for Marvel, Bachalo finished issue 7 of Comicraft's Elephantmen, an issue 4 years in the making. The issue was done entirely in double-page spreads and marks his reunion with Steampunk writer Joe Kelly. Bachalo has also been one of the four artists who was originally part of the Spider-Man Relaunch.

Antonio Fabela is a regular colorist of Bachalo's work. Source: Wikipedia.

Geoffrey William Backhouse 16 November - 1 August ; b. Holywell, Flintshire, Wales In , Backhouse began drawing Strongheart the Magnificent for Comic Life , the comic strip adventures of a magnificent German Shepherd modelled on a canine Hollywood film star. Strongheart, one of the earliest adventure strips to regularly appear in British comics, continued his adventures when Comic Life was relaunched as My Favourite and would continue to appear, drawn by a number of different artists, until After the war, Backhouse illustrated a number of books for Collins, including Mr.

Backhouse subsequently contributed many wildlife illustrations to Look and Learn and Treasure , appearing in the former from onwards. Some of his most notable contributions were for a series of short animal stories written by F. Mars, Alan C. Jenkins and F. Turnbull that appeared in He died in Tollington Park, London N4, in Backhouse art. Jim Baikie Baikie began his career illustrating Valentine for Fleetway.

Over the next twenty years, he built a solid reputation working for TV comics such as Look-in, including adaptations of The Monkees and Star Trek , all scripted by Angus P. Baikie also worked extensively in girls' comics such as Jinty. In the s, he drew The Twilight World in Warrior.


In Britain, he is probably best known for collaborating with Alan Moore on Skizz , a reworking of the film E. Baikie has also worked extensively in the United States, on superhero strips such as Batman and The Spectre.

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A new collaboration with Alan Moore also appeared in the guise of the First American. Jim Baikie art. There followed various careers in photography, journalism and television. The latter was shooting television commercials on film and hosting a children's television show. He then entered the field of aviation art, and became known worldwide in the genre for creating oil paintings of military action and having the veterans sign lithographs made from them.

Movie producer George Lucas came across Robert's aviation art website and asked him to work on Star Wars.

Lucas was sufficiently impressed by Robert's work to purchase originals for his private collection. Robert has gone on to create similar work for sale at comic conventions. His favourite characters are C3PO and Yoda, although he recreates the full spectrum of Star Wars characters in pencil.

He is now retired from oil painting but finds that pencil is more fluid and scenes can be created far faster this way. The number of fans at Comic-Cons who purchase Robert's original movie creations has increased in leaps and bounds over the past four years, and he loves to meet all of the fans who attend.

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Besides being a licensed Star Wars and Disney artist, Robert is now also licensed for Marvel characters, after having been approached by the Marvel licensor. Characters are mostly The Avengers and Spider Man. Stan Lee, creator of Spider Man, says that Robert is his favourite artist. Source: Robert Bailey. Bill Baker Bill Baker is something of a mystery artist. Although it is possible to track his work through various comics over a twenty-year period, very little is known about the artist himself. He first appears with one-off stories in Top Spot , followed by a brief serial, New Rider at Clearwater , and illustrations for Girl in Rider Haggard, Bill Baker art.

James Bama born 28 April ; USA James Bama is an American artist whose work encompasses two major strands: his Western paintings and what can be described - but not dismissively - as pulp art. To the collector, his name is inextricably linked with the adventures of Doc Savage and the paperback covers he illustrated during his time as a commercial artist. He then turned to fine art, which proved even more rewarding commercially and raised his status to Artist and earned him comparisons with Norman Rockwell and N. James E. Bama was born in Manhattan on 28 April , the second son of Benjamin Bama, a Russian-born apron salesman, and his wife Selma, also the daughter of Russian immigrants.

Army Air Corps' Eastern Flying Training Command unit in , where he worked as a mechanic and physical training instructor, as well as painting murals. He became known especially for the 62 covers he painted for Bantam Books' reprints of Doc Savage pulp magazine stories. Clark Savage Jr had been the star of full-length adventures in the pages of Doc Savage Magazine , of them written by prolific pulpster Lester Dent.

Bama gave Doc a buzz cut, replacing the kiss-curl of his pulp days, and beefed him up, using Steve Holland, a muscular fashion model who had starred in the Flash Gordon TV series in , as the basis for his vision of Doc Savage. The books sold incredibly well and all stories were reprinted between and Although much of his early work was Western covers for the likes of Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey, Bama quickly expanded his cover art repertoire to include everything from contemporary novels, thrillers, romances and non-fiction. Lovelace and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Bama then changed tack after first visiting Wyoming in ; he and his wife, Lynn, a photographer whom he met in , moved permanently to Cody, Wyoming, in During this period he transited from illustration to making more personal works, often inspired by his new surroundings.