Building Upon the Rock - Following the Savior When the Rain Descends

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On that foundation, the Church itself has pillars that support it, including revelation that continues to this day, the Book of Mormon, the priesthood and individual testimonies affirmed by the Holy Ghost. The Lord's prophets often cite this relationship of values to foundations. Christ Himself used the analogy in His parable of the man who built his house upon a rock, "And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

President Joseph F. Smith wrote that, "The very foundation of the kingdom of God, of righteousness, of progress, of development, of eternal life and eternal increase in the kingdom of God, is laid in the divinely ordained home. President Spencer W. Kimball wrote: "The bridge builder, before starting construction, draws charts and plans, makes estimates of strains and stresses, costs and hazards; the architect, even before excavation, makes a blueprint of the building from foundation to pinnacle. Similarly, the smart person will plan carefully and blueprint his own life from his first mental awakening to the end of life.

As general conference opens again this weekend within the great walls of the Tabernacle, it's worth recalling its remarkable dedicatory prayer. In , Elder John Taylor, later to be president of the Church, dedicated not only the building, but also the mortar which bound the foundation together, and the components of the building itself, from nails and plaster through hinges and windows, because each represented work and sacrifice which had made them sacred.

In its article on the first conference in the building, the Deseret News reported on President Heber C. Kimball's address: "The work is spreading and will continue to grow; there is no fear of its failing or being retarded in its progress; and our duty is to watch and pray lest we should not be progressing with it. I sure wish you were here. Sure do miss you. I look forward to exploring your site for more of your music.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. They have just about everything, secular and sacred—usually at a discount. Free, downloadable religious music. Publish your own music there as well! Affiliate links. The list will shrink to only those songs that have translations in that language. The example I've chosen represents the most important aspect of building in which my wife, Margaret, and I have personally been involved - the building of our marriage and family.

Even before we were married in the Logan Temple, we had decided that we wanted to build our marriage and family on the Savior and His teachings. We wanted a family built on a foundation of love, respect and service and obedience to all of the Savior's teachings.

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  6. But like every young couple, we had much to learn about how to put that into practice. Over the years as our family grew in number and age, and our personal circumstances made it possible to do so, we began planning for an extended family vacation every few years. Let me tell you about one of those memorable vacations. We decided we would go to Europe for three weeks, renting a van and staying in youth hostels, a friend's vacation house, and other inexpensive venues available at that time.

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    We gave assignments to our five children - ranging in age from 5 to 14 - to prepare reports on each of the places we would visit and to share those during the business portion of family home evening. We also decided where we would go in each country visited, what we would take with us, and what cities we wanted to stay in each Saturday and Sunday night so we could attend church and keep the Sabbath appropriately. This past week as I was preparing for this devotional, I asked our youngest son, Spencer, who was only five years old when we took that vacation to Europe, what he remembered of the trip.

    I was struck by his response. He said,. Bernard dogs at the border of Switzerland and Italy, and taking the ferry from Holland to England. But most of all I just remember the wonderful time we had as a family. It has been over thirty years since we took that trip, but each of our five children remembers the many wonderful experiences as a family.

    At the time, our children thought they were going on a vacation, but Margaret and I hoped that we were building an eternal family on a foundation of love, respect and service. That trip was so successful that a few years later we took a fishing trip to Alaska. Here is one of the memorable photos from that trip. As we continued building our family on that sure foundation, their love, respect and service for each other continued to grow.

    In , Margaret and I were presiding over the England London Mission and missionaries when my mother passed away after years of illness. Because we could not attend the funeral, our five children represented us. Here is a photo of them on that occasion as they supported each other while we were thousands of miles away. Fortunately, that foundation of love, respect and service that we have sought to build for our family has continued to stand the test of time. Five years ago, our family decided to take another fishing vacation to that same spot in Alaska where we had gone decades earlier.

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    Here is a photo from that vacation. And so you don't think we only gather for vacations, let me share one more photo when our family came for my inauguration as President of BYU-Hawaii in As captured in this photo we again had all of our family together. You will recognize the location as the Laie Temple. This is the photo I use as my screensaver on my personal computer. It reminds me daily that temples are an integral part of our family's foundation.

    While we continue to renew and strengthen the foundation we started building on over forty years ago, we know now, even more surely that we did then, that the Lord and His gospel are the only sure foundation on which to build a marriage and family. As stated so clearly by the Psalmist:. Our hope is that during your time at BYU-Hawaii you will establish deep footings for both a spiritual and a temporal foundation.

    I love how the prophet Joseph Smith responded whenever he was asked by the saints how permanently they should build their homes. He would say, "Build as though you were going to stay forever.

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    Building now for eternity requires that the quality of the materials, ideas and values applied in whatever you build will be worthy of your good name and reputation and the talents with which the Lord has blessed you. It also means not compromising or cutting corners at any point in the process. Some years ago I had the opportunity to serve as a scoutmaster. Early on I decided I needed a project that would engage the boys and their dads in building something that they could enjoy and use. We decided to build Kayaks.

    After ordering the appropriate materials, we started work on 18 kayaks.

    I quickly discovered that several of the boys needed considerable training if they were to build something that would float, let alone last for a series of river trips. When the kayaks were completed, we scheduled a trip down a nearby river. We had a few adults in canoes, but each boy had his own Kayak. Once the kayaks were in the water, each boy discovered how well he had followed directions, whether he had used sufficient canvas and glue on the joints, and whether he had sealed it completely in the waterproofing step.

    We had done sufficient quality control that all of the kayaks were found to be waterproof and they could handle the modest rapids of the rivers we chose to navigate.

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    The kayak plans we used also recommended attaching sheets of Styrofoam inside the front and rear of each kayak, to help keep it afloat in case it filled with water. But on our first trip down the river, we discovered that one of the boys had decided that step wasn't necessary and had not bothered to put the Styrofoam in place. When his kayak overturned and filled with water it sank.

    Fortunately, he swam safely to shore as his kayak disappeared beneath the river's surface. Here's a photo of one of those boys, our son Matt, with his kayak. We had great fun, and learned much about how this important principle applied whether building a kayak, a career, an eternal marriage and family, or helping to build the kingdom in some far corner of the world. Indeed if we commit to and follow this second principle in all we do, then when circumstances, associates, or the honors of men would tempt us to compromise or lower our standards, like the prophet Nehemiah of old, we will respond, "I am doing a great work,.

    The Wise Man Built His House

    I cannot come down. I love the way the Christian writer, C. Lewis, has described the result when we enlist the Savior's help in building for eternity, rather than simply relying on our own abilities and designs. He said:. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you understand what He is doing.

    The Two Builders And Their Houses

    He is getting the drains right, and stopping the leaks in the roof, and so on: you knew that those jobs needed doing and you are not surprised.