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The project investigates the representation of fundamental questions of Law in literary and other media approaches and explores the genuinely literary and aesthetic qualities of Law. Figures of Law seeks to open the literary discourse on the human condition of law. It investigates literary ways to mirror and articulate the question of law split between sovereign power and human futility, between violence, force, and trauma.

Studies in the Interference of Law and Literature , ed. Crisis and Creativity.

Book publication with Camden House Publishers in Crisis, as a period of crucial transition, also opens the field of established perceptions for motions of change and creativity. Entirely new beginnings seemed necessary to those who considered the humanist tradition to have lost all credibility, yet nevertheless wanted to address the growing sense of artistic innocence lost. Embedded in the theoretical discourse triggered by Adorno and others focal points are the oeuvres of Paul Celan, Gottfried Benn and Ingeborg Bachmann, their frictions and mutual contradictions with regards to the meaning of poetical traditions.

German and European Poetics after the Holocaust.

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Crisis and Creativity , co-ed. Essays on Self and Pilgrimage. The book has been published with Rodopi, Amsterdam and New York. Places of arrival also function as inscriptions of such meaningful repercussions, inscriptions of the past crossing the present, of the other crossing the self. Essays on Self and Pilgrimage , co-ed. Current projects and projects planned for the near future are:. In the latter half of the 20th century, a range of new literary approaches develops: approaches to the deconstruction of the Subject, the death of the Author, the end of Literature.

A debate about new definitions and delimitations of the subject, alternative concepts of authorship and an extended theory of literature and art that called into question earlier certainties and traditions has been set in train.

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The boundaries of the person are redrawn; fundamental aspects of its conditio humana become visible, aspects which had hitherto been concealed beneath reflection — either because no language had as yet been found for them or because they had simply not become visible in the conflict of discourses.

The Formation of Inter-cultural Aesthetics.

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This project is originally connected with a Research Fellowship which I was awarded by the Japan Foundation for I had to decline it, however, due to prior UCC obligations. The project investigates the ethically and aesthetically formative principles of virtual realities in digitally networked societies. Based on an analysis of the critical rapport between social, fictional and virtual spheres of communication, the influence of digital media on the public discourse of aesthetic, ethical, and political norms will be explored.

Close Search UCC. Website People Courses. I analyse the very late corporeal turn in his poetological thought.

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Hofmann, Gert Poetik des Leibes. Bielefeld: Transcript. Hofmann, Gert Schweigende Tropen. Francke Verlag. Hofmann, Gert Dionysos Archemythos. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi. Rochester NY: Camden House.

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  • Von Homer zu Lacan ext. German translation from English original. Essays in Honour of Beate Dreike. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Aachen: Shaker. Essays for Joachim Schwend. Leipzig: Edition Hamouda. Munich: Luise Rinser Stiftung. New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan. Frankfurt a. M: Peter Lang. Rochester, NY: Camden House. Studies in Literary and Visual Culture.

    Von Homer zu Lancan. Spiel - Ritual - Darstellung Scena. Theater und Religion Bd. Berlin: LitVerlag. New Essays and Performances. Frankfurt, New York: Peter Lang. Kulturelle Funktionen einer Textsorte. Theater - Ritual - Religion Scena. Bielefeld: Aisthesis. Das kairotische Gedaechtnis der Dichtung. Hegel und Hamlet'. Thomas Bernhard: In hora mortis' Pannonia , 16